Sunday – Teen Sisters Halaqahs

Chai Chats for teen girls aims to incorporate the bond and love for one another by providing a safe place for teens to meet each other, speak openly about the daily challenges they face in their lives, and to be able to express their thoughts and ask questions without worrying what others will think. Topics discussed in the sessions include but are not limited to social media, dealing with societal issues, body positivity, friendships, women of high status in Islam, rulings pertaining to menses, gheebah (backbiting) and more.

This class will be conducted by Medina Mohmand, a 4th year Alimiyyah student. This will include open discussions and opportunities for the students to ask questions freely. They will be covering the book, “Islamic Tahdhib & Akhlaq”.

Time: Every Sunday from ​​2pm to 3pm TIME CHANGE
Teacher: Ustadha Medina Mohmand
Ages: 13+
Location: Masjid al-Huda
Book: Islamic Tahdhib & Akhlaq

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