Prayer Times

July 2, 2020

11 Dhū al-Qa'da 1441

Zuhr Iqamah

1:20 pm

5 Hours 50 Minutes
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr5:34 am 5:50 am
Sunrise6:56 am
Zuhr12:17 pm 1:20 pm
Asr3:09 pm 4:15 pm
Maghrib5:31 pm 5:33 pm
Isha6:50 pm 7:15 pm


Masjid al-Huda is a non-profit religious organization dedicated to establishing a holistic Muslim community, promoting good understanding of Islam and building relations among Muslims and non-Muslims.


Our goal for every Muslim in the community is to receive a strong and relevant Islamic education. We want to focus our programs on the prevalent problems that our community is dealing with. Our goal is to provide options for every member of the community so that our programs, classes, and lectures will be geared towards many different levels of Islamic knowledge.

Monday – Thursday

Weekday Children’s Quran Class

Session 1: 4-5pm
Session 2: 5-6pm
Session 3: 6-7pm

A daily class for children (boys and girls) focused on learning how to recite the Quran and memorization of the Quran. Prior registration required. For more information please contact the Teachers in the class.


Introduction to belief and worship

Timings vary throughout the year. Please contact class coordinator for current class information.

This is a free class, open to all ages, and structured for those that wish to gain a foundation in the proper understanding of Islamic beliefs and the essentials of daily worship.

 Class coordinator: 510-932-5085

Thursday - After Isha

Thursday Night Tafsir

In-depth explanation of the Surahs in the Quran. A break down of meaning, purpose and reason for each verse.

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Saturday - After Isha

Saturday Night Majlis - Sacrifice: The Legacy of Our Beloved Prophet

A weekly gathering on the reading of a recently published book from Nur Publications titled ‘Sacrifice: The Legacy of Our Beloved Prophet’. The book has been written in Arabic and translated by our very own Imam, Shaykh Tameem Ahmadi. In this book he highlights the specifics trials and tribulations the Prophet (peace be upon him) endured throughout his life consisting of but not limited to; sadness, depression, dealing with oppression from the idolaters, family problems, navigating islamophobia of that time, etc. 

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Sunday at 2pm

Sunday with Sisters

A weekly sisters halaqa discussing issues pertaining to sisters run by our local women scholars, Ustadha Saffiyah Ali, Ustadha Amarah Bholat, & Ustadha Minahil Anayat. 


The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Whoever builds a mosque with the intention of seeking Allah’s pleasure, Allah will build for him a place in Paradise.” Sahih al-Bukhari


Listen live the Thursday night tafsir class and Saturday night bayans.


A Masjid is the most important institution in an Islamic community. There, a Muslim rekindles his spirituality, strengthens his relationship with his Creator, meets his fellow Muslim brothers/sisters and renews his sense of belonging. Masjids in the US play a special multi-faceted role of not only being a place for a means of worship but much more. It’s a symbol of our identity and upholds the integrity of the Muslim community.

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