About Masjid Al-Huda

Masjid al-Huda is a non-profit religious organization dedicated to establishing a holistic Muslim community, promoting good understanding of Islam and building positive relations among Muslims and non-Muslims.

A Masjid is the most important institution in an Islamic community. There, a Muslim rekindles his spirituality, strengthens his relationship with his Creator, meets his fellow Muslim brothers/sisters and renews his sense of belonging. Masjids in the US play a special multi-faceted role of not only being a place for a means of worship but much more. It’s a symbol of our identity and upholds the integrity of the Muslim community.

Future Expansion

Currently working with the city for the proposal of a newly renovated from the ground up back building which will serve as a sisters main prayer area, dedicated 17 classrooms, and a library and bookstore. The new expansion of the back building will be a three-story building designed with a fusion of Islamic and spanish architecture to match the current historical aesthetic of the Masjid. The floor plans have already been designed and are being prepared to submit to the city department.

Masjid al Huda Expansion Project 2023

As you may know, our masjid serves as a spiritual and communal hub for Muslims in our area, providing a place for worship, education, and fellowship. However, we recognize that our current facilities do not adequately accommodate the needs of our sisters. Therefore, we have undertaken the initiative to create a space that will provide them with a comfortable and dignified environment for worship, learning, and social interaction.

The construction of this space for sisters is not just about bricks and mortar; it is about creating an inclusive and welcoming community where all members feel valued and supported. By investing in this project, you will not only be contributing to the physical infrastructure of our masjid but also to the spiritual and social well-being of our entire community.


We’re always very happy to receive donations by Mail, Our Mail  address for donations is:
Masjid Al Huda California
3880 Smith Street
Union City, CA 94587

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